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Benoit Vieubled
Visual artist, creator of exceptional objects

Benoit Vieubled first was a teacher of painting and visual arts at the IAV (the Visual Art Institute) in Orléans. Since 1997, he moved toward the creation of lamps and exceptional objects inspired from his own world, repository of his personal mythology, treading a fine line between art, sculpture and decorative objects.
His art objects suggest luxury, calm and fragility, as the airy and gracile metal volutes, educing ancient tones, that twirl from chandeliers to wall lights, waving in space, surrounded by charming birds; or his lamps coming straight from Calder's circus world, with little dancing rats running into a magician rabbit, a frock-dressed stag or a dantesque skeleton fighting against elements...
or else his lit-up globes, world upside- world downside, combining to form flimsy installations with great poetical power, inducing us to wonder about the fragility of this world...

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